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Digital twin of a solar power plant

Digital twin of a solar power plant


SunSniffer GmbH & Co. KG


Solar energy.

Project summary

Creation of digital replica (Digital twin) of a solar powerplant through machine learning and mathematical modelling techniques.

The concept and software for automatic analysis and fault identification of a solar power plant has been developed.

Usage of Digital twin allows a significant reduction of the amount of data required for analytics and provides direct indicators of the system health and performance.

Digital replica of every PV module can be examined in a “virtual lab” using standard test conditions (STC) thus allowing to obtain weather independent performance readings.

Project know-how and IP

  1. Combining machine learning techniques with mathematical modelling of the physical objects.
  2. Parallel computing with GPU hardware:
  3. Precise mathematical modelling of PV hardware:

Services rendered

Scientific analysis, Software development.



Technologies involved

Digital twin, Mathematical modelling, Machine learning, Big data analytics, Parallel computing, CUDA programming, SaaS.

Customer testimonial

“We are working with the team for many years now, and for good reasons! Always highly professional, always timely, always great work.
Highly appreciated are the contributing good ideas from the team, which push our products further forward. New developments or technologies are instantly adopted, and according to our products adjusted as appropriate. This way our products are always up-to-date and state-of-the-art. Scientific knowledge is applied equally as technological skills, so we benefit with sound, thought out products.
Great communication skills, always available when needed. We have great trust and are happy to continue working with the team.”

Ingmar Kruse
SunSniffer GmbH & Co KG