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Remote Thermostat with powerline communication

Remote Thermostat with powerline communication


Hot Water Control Ltd (hotwatercontrol.com, Cyprus)


Home automation

Project summary

Development of remote thermostat with powerline communication.

Project know-how and IP

  •   Design according to EMI/EMC and electrical safety regulations.

Services rendered

Hardware development.


https://climatelaunchpad.org 2016 Finalist

Technologies involved

Electronics design

Customer testimonial

“From the beginning we have been impressed with the professionalism and openness we have received from your side. In particular, we have found that the communication between our development teams has been excellent, allowing us to have almost real-time collaboration in the product development. This allowed us a great deal of flexibility in our own design process, which we found to be extremely useful whilst designing a brand new product.

Furthermore, from the start we have always felt fully informed about the development process and the progress of the work during the project; two things that we value highly. We were also impressed by the timely delivery of the services, and we are now looking forwards to continuing our collaboration.”

Andreas Ioannides, Matthew Norton, co-founders