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Battery Management System

Battery Management System




Energy storage

Project summary

To achieve industrial scale battery storage capacity (up to several megawatts) development of special Battery Management System (BMS) was required. The project focus was on fail safe design, precise control of cells parameters and large scalability.

Project know-how and IP

1. Management of modern LiFePo4 cells including:

  • Safety of operation
  • Calculation of SoC, SoH and internal impedance
  • Special operation modes to extend battery life time and performance

2. Management of high voltage battery stacks

3. Reduction of maintenance costs through:

  • Remote equipment monitoring and diagnostic (IoT)
  • Modular system design

Services rendered

Firmware, Hardware and Software development

Technologies involved

Electronics design (power, digital and analog), Digital signal processing (FPGA, VHDL), Firmware (C), Embedded software (Linux, C++, QT, Node.js , JavaScript), SaaS based SCADA web visualization