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Technology for monitoring the photovoltaic plants performance

Technology for monitoring the photovoltaic plants performance


SunSniffer GmbH & Co. KG


Solar energy.

Project summary

Monitoring of solar plant performance could be the most efficient when measurements taken at the very source of electrical energy – PV module. Development of a sensor for such application poses technically challenging task due to several restrictions:

  • Cost of the sensor must be extremely low because it is added to PV-module cost
  • Cost of the monitoring equipment and installation efforts must be kept low
  • Maintain measurement precision while working in outdoor environment

As a solution, we developed novel DC powerline communication technology which was granted several patents. Complete traceability of every device achieved through automating of production QA process.

Project know-how and IP

1. Patents:

  • “Method for monitoring individual photovoltaic modules in an arrangement that comprises several photovoltaic modules and device for performing said method”, WO 2011000505 A8, CN102473764A, CN102473764B, DE102009031839A1, DE102009031839B4, EP2449643A2, EP2449643B1, US9070281, US20120197569, WO2011000505A2, WO2011000505A3, WO2011000505A4
  • “Method for disconnecting a photovoltaic assembly and photovoltaic assembly”, US 20140311546 A1, DE102010054354A1, EP2652857A1, WO2012079742A1

2. Cost effective hardware for PV-module monitoring through:

  • Original DC power line communication method (patent protected)
  • Cost optimized hardware and firmware design
  • Automation of production QA process

3. Reduction of operational costs through:

  • Remote equipment monitoring and diagnostic (IoT)


XXV Specialist symposium for Photovoltaic in Bad Staffelstein – 2nd Innovation Award in 2010.

Services rendered

Firmware, Hardware and Software development, Industrial design support, production support.

Technologies involved

Electronics design (digital and analog); Sensor technics; Firmware (C, Assembler), Embedded software (Linux, Node.js, C++, PHP, JavaScript).

Customer testimonial

“We are working with the team for many years now, and for good reasons! Always highly professional, always timely, always great work.
Highly appreciated are the contributing good ideas from the team, which push our products further forward. New developments or technologies are instantly adopted, and according to our products adjusted as appropriate. This way our products are always up-to-date and state-of-the-art. Scientific knowledge is applied equally as technological skills, so we benefit with sound, thought out products.
Great communication skills, always available when needed. We have great trust and are happy to continue working with the team.”

Ingmar Kruse
SunSniffer GmbH & Co KG