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Consulting services

Consulting services

We have customers that work with us for 16+ years already. Over 200 cross-technology products launched by our team. There are 7 startups whom we have assisted in growing from product concept to successful businesses based on the technologies we helped to develop.

We performed an audit and managed to bring back to the track several troublesome external projects. Such experience allowed us to develop strong skills in project analysis and technical risks management domains.

The ability to solve complex technical problems backed up by the team of professors and PhDs that scores in total 550+ scientific publications, 27 books, and more than 85 technology patents in different industries. They can help you to find or develop the right sensor technology or signal processing algorithm for your application and bridge the gap between an idea and working technology rapidly.

Our machine learning and data analytics team has valuable experience in a fusion between machine learning and mathematical simulation techniques. They can tailor for you a Digital Twin model that enables real analytical breakthrough for your IoT application.

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