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R&D / D&D projects

R&D / D&D projects

We provide and engineering team with unique combination of knowledge and experience

An experienced team does system analysis and integration with deep industry related background. 20+ fulltime engineers, 70% of the team have 10+ years of experience, 5 engineers with the Ph.D. degree, 2 professors with a doctoral degree.


We always start with project goals analysis that helps to draft boundaries for problem space investigation. Such investigation results in proper product localization within the coordinates of technical and commercial decision limits (production costs, lifetime, size, etc.).

The complex projects often include Proof of Concept (PoC) development phase, which contributes significantly to the reduction of the project risks.

Once the concept finalized, our engineering team proceeds with implementation.  Their professional skills allow us to cover various engineering branches (ranging from embedded firmware and electronics to big data management and analytics).

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